Wine Etiquette Tips that You Must Know


Wine drinking itself is an art and every sip of it has to be relished. At the same time, the right etiquette that one should follow in the social gathering carries importance.

Wine is something which was once considered as a luxury and was only enjoyed by the people of elite society. Now, the drink is relished by people belonging to almost any class. However, the quality that most people lack is the right drinking etiquette. Be it any place or occasion, whether you just want to taste or be a part of a bash, the right attitude is all that matters. Even if you are trying it out for the first time, the right wine drinking etiquette places your reputation high in the society.

Right from holding the glass to the way the drink is served, there are many things that constitute the right drinking etiquette. So, let’s learn what to do, what not to do, how to go about and how elegantly to end your dining experience with wine drinking.

Hold it Right

This is the first lesson that anyone should learn in the drinking etiquette. Holding the glass in the right way exhibits your personality. So, how to hold it right? Holding the glass from its stem is what is considered the right manner. This is because the wine is easily susceptible to temperatures and if you hold the glass itself, your body temperature would change the wine’s taste. Wines are treasured for years to get that right taste. So, don’t let the taste change.


Avoid Using Strong Perfume

Secondly, dousing yourself with strong perfumes could actually hinder your wine tasting experience. Such heavy deodorants and perfumes would overbear and not allow you to feel the original smell or taste of the drink.

Avoid Flavored Foods

To get that real taste of the drink, try avoiding flavored foods or beverages before tasting it. This would ensure you get the actual experience of the drink. Besides, this could also help you in distinguishing between different wines.

Are you hosting the party, then, check out the etiquettes to be followed

Just like drinking, the right way of serving the drink is also important, especially, when it comes to choosing the right glass. There are, generally, two types of glasses which are used for wine drinking- a long narrow glass or a broad bowl shaped glass. Long glasses are used for white variety, while the bowl kind of glasses are used for drinking the red variety. Each variety has its own beauty and richness, and thus, the right glass is important to portray the wine’s magnificence.

Similarly, the temperature at which the wine has to be kept also matters, as even a mild variation could spoil the real taste of the drink.

Finally, it’s not enough if you know only the etiquettes of wine drinking. What one should know while hosting the tasting party or any other celebration is how best to serve the people. It is usually good to start serving the elders and women. This is very much a part of the etiquette and above all, one should keep in mind the occasion and the people gathered for the party, and present themselves gracefully.

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