Wine Bottle Sizes and Names – The Origin and Usage

Wine bottle sizes generally do not have anything to do with actual sorts of vine and wines you drink. For example, if the names of bottle sizes mattered, than Methuselah, which is actually a size, would mean a very old wine. However, it does not count and practically nobody can tell the exact origin and reason why wine bottle sizes have so strange and peculiar names. There are many sizes for bottling wine and each of them has its own name, not usually with visible connection to anything in particular, not the wine at least. However, people have always been interested in these matters ever so much that these names often come up as quiz questions.

Wine bottle sizes names are various, where one of them is particularly known to most people. It is the term magnum, which stands for wine bottle sizes of 1.5 liter. Magnum is considered by many to be probably one of the oldest names for wine bottle sizes and it originates from England. However, it has to be distinguished from magnum champagne as a sort, since it is actually a measure for liquids. Wine bottle sizes are several, all having very interesting though sometimes with unrelated names.

Wine Bottle Sizes

Wine bottle sizes which can contain approximately three liters are called jeroboam. Following is the rehoboam, containing four liters of wine or other liquid. There is also the mentioned Methuselah of three liters. Wine bottle sizes go up to the containers of twenty sever liters. Salmanazar, Nebuchadnezzar and others rather remind of Biblical names than containers for wine. However, it is interesting that the largest size refers to champagne only. The largest sizes are usually the hardest to find, being very rare. These interesting measuring containers names are definitely a mystery regarding their origin.

Wine bottle sizes we use today are rather usual and known to everyone. Apart from variety of containers for transfer, which are usually of plastic or glass and can accommodate up to 20 liters of wine, there are usual containers we had all seen both in markets and special wine tasting events. Wine bottle sizes today usually vary from 0.75 liters for more sophisticated packages to a standard one liter bottle. However, restaurants and bars are known to serve 0.25 liter (0.07 gallons) bottled wine fitting for one most typical wine glass. Of course, there are always old fashioned bottles of five or ten liters, but they are mostly in domestic rather than commercial use.


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