Mulled Wine

Mulled Wine

Mulled wine…what is that? It’s a phrase not heard as often as a simple red wine or white wine. By definition, mulled wine actually is a red wine that has been combined with spices and is typically served warm. If you have never tried mulled wine, perhaps reading that tasty description is enough to make you want to try it. It is also a traditional drink served in wintertime, especially around Christmas or Halloween.

Mulled Wine

Mulled Wine – How to Make It

To make a British version of mulled wine, combine a cup of water with sugar and spices in it to every pint of wine. Some people also use fruit juice to sweeten the wine, in addition to the sugar added. The spices usually used for mulled wine are cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, and mace. Boil the spices in the water until the flavor is extracted. Then, add the wine and sugar. The entire mixture should then be brought to a boil. Since mulled wine is served warm, it is appropriate to start enjoying it as soon as it has cooled enough to drink it. Any type of wine can really be used to make mulled wine, but two kinds–port and claret–are usually preferred. It’s important to use a very clean warmer for the purpose of making mulled wine, and it is also best to reserve said container for that purpose only. A dirty container can impart unwanted, unpleasant flavors to the finished product, which would be quite disappointing after spending the time and ingredients to make the wine. When serving mulled wine, impress your guests at a holiday party or at a game night some cold fall evening by serving the concoction garnished with cinnamon sticks. It is sure to be a hit!

Mulled Wine – A History

Where did mulled wine come from? What is its history? “Mulled” happens to mean spiced and heated. Wine, in addition to other beverages, such as cider and mead, can be mulled. Mulled wine goes back in history a long time. It used to be thought of as very healthy, and in medieval times, was a cleaner drinking option than water. Old cookbooks included recipes for mulled wine as early as the 1500s. French wine was used in many of these recipes. In the olden days, apparently before there were laws concerning drinking alcohol, children would even drink mulled wine at birthday parties along with the adults. Today, mulled wine is a huge hit at holiday parties, and there are many, many ways to make it. Depending on where you live, mulled wine recipes and preferences can be different. For example, some recipes call for white wine, and some for red wine to be used in the making. There can also be differences in how many spices and how much fruit is used. Mulled wine is a beloved traditional drink for wine lovers. It is something that can be tried in many different ways with different recipes, and it can really be perfected to one’s personal taste. I for one feel inspired to try this drink for the first time.


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